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International Coach Federation

Interested in training with International Coach Federation? CCE or Continuing Coach Education is calculated for those third party training providers who want to polish their skills by International Coach Federation training program (ICF).  Simultaneously, CCE can also offer new learning for coach training program and those who are willing to renew their ICF credential. Continuing coach education credits are earned upon successfully completing. These units are subdivided into two phrases: Core competencies and Resource Development.

  1. Core Competencies: This phrase is mean for those who are willing to take an advanced coach training that directly relates to or explore the competencies of ICF core.
  2. Resource Development: Engaging in this phrase will deliver the skills that contribute to the professional skill development of a coach for instance: Personal development, Business building, and coaching assessments.

Are you a coach and the goal of your coaching session is to intensify skills and performance of your client?  While coaching evaluating the skill and abilities are very important to help heterogeneous clients to increase and facilitate behavior change for better performance. A Continuing coach education is a powerful tool that will help you establish a strong mental connection with your clients and also tailor your coaching skills as well.  When you will be on right track with confidence, communicate, motivate and counsel your clients will surely get benefits of your ICF coaching and skills to perform a splendid job with better results.

Continuing coach education is a program tailored with flexibility. CCE is a program for those coaches who are eager and want to go deep to understand coaching skills and to add some new skills to help their clients. Additionally, Understanding the core of behavioral styles and to shape the perceptions of clients by making few changes ICF core competencies include:

  • Creating awareness and to change perception.
  • Establishing strong mental connection and awareness.
  • Eye to eye conversation.
  • Facilitating the track for better life.
  • Assessments measuring to ensure better outcomes.

As a coach, you had better learn strategies and leverage your clients to go beyond their limits and test their real potential consistently.



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